Monday, 26 May 2008

Keys and bananas

Still no sign of the keys. We have visitors coming shortly, bringing their 8 month old baby. The highchair is in the garage. The garage key is missing. It's distinctly possible that the keys are in the garage, that I somehow accidently left them in the garage with the mower and then shut the padlock leaving them there. I can't check this, because I don't have the keys. No problem, I thought - I'll just saw off the padlock and replace it. Good plan. Except for one small flaw - the hacksaw is also in the garage.

Meanwhile fun and games last night. Small baby coming this morning, so naturally Little Fish decided to come up in a giant great rash yesterday. No temperature, just a scarlet chin (which has been sore for a few days now) and a rash down one arm. Not slapped cheek type rash though. We watched the rash creep from one arm to one arm and one leg, to the other arm and leg and then finally to her abdomen, all in the space of about 30 minutes. Exciting stuff! Little Fish has reactions to quite a few things - latex, plasters and dressings of various kinds mostly. But she'd not been on contact with any of them. The rash started up just ten minutes after eating a banana. And it turns out that bananas are related to latex, or have one of the latex allergens in them, or something like that. Who knew? Certainly not me. This is a pain. She's been eating bananas daily for a few weeks now, ever since we worked out that it was a nice portable piece of food which didn't need mashing. The NHS direct nurse and I brainstormed it, and the banana is the most likely culprit. A systemic reaction rather than her more usual contact reactions because she ate it rather than just touching it. Meanwhile rash growing ever pinker and more violent, and her arms started swelling too. Nice.

30 minutes after giving her some Piriton (not an easy thing to find on a bank holiday Sunday evening; thankfully just before we geared up for hospital I remembered where I'd stashed a supply after someone else in the family had an allergic reaction) the rash was gone completely, as was the scarlet chin. She's had the sore chin for a few days - this morning it looks chapped but no longer red and sore. So I'm thinking she's possibly been reacting to the bananas for a while but this was the first big reaction. Reading up on it it seems that avocado and kiwi are also linked to the latex fruit thingies - that's three nice soft biteable healthy things which I probably shouldn't be giving to Little Fish any more. Or at least not until she has had some proper allergy testing things. Meanwhile I must get hold of some piriton syrup; creating a small child sized dose from an adult tablet is not easy.

I wonder why it started on her left side first?


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Claire said...

To break into your garage try this:

Spray the lock with an aerosol (e.g. hair spray) from a close distance. This will freeze it and make it brittle. Then hit it with a hammer. It should shatter.



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