Wednesday, 7 May 2008

"So what do you DO at home all day?"

Well now...

Today, apart from the normal getting children up and out of the house routine, and after a quick hop to the shops I turned a flowerbed from this:
to this:
Turns out not to have been buttercup (although there were plenty of buttercups too) but ground elder. Vast vast root system. Achey arms.

Underneath the weeds I found this:I mowed the lawn, for a spot of light relief, and then it was time to go and collect Little Fish from preschool, and do some of this:Not too long sitting down; we were interrupted by a gas and electric supply person wanting us to change suppliers and guaranteeing savings of £20 a month for doing so.Not the salesman, but he did seem to think we were just hanging around waiting for him. This is our pet ladybird, she lives in our apple tree and her blades whizz in the wind. We like her.

Back to the garden for more digging, this time with a pair of purple gloves for Little Fish to match Mummy's. Sorry no photos of that!

Collect weeds into black binliners (no ground elder in my compost bin, thank you very much. Greet Mog from the bus. More weeding.

Potatoes in the oven, Mummy and Little Fish in the bath with Mog watching the potatoes. Mummy and Little Fish out of the bath no longer smelling of grass and sweat, dinner on the table and into open mouths and through to empty tummies. Two girls processed through the cleaning machine (oh how I wish, anyone want to invent one?) and into bed.

One Mummy in clean clothes ready for house group and wondering where the day went. And also wondering which is a better shot - this:or this:Should be a bumper year for apples by the looks of things.

I hope this makes up for the recent lack of photos!

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Alesha said...

If you come up with an idea for that "clean machine" we'll do some fund-raising for you!!! :-)

And I love the little lady bug! We have an orange tree outside Isaac's window and I hung a red glass hummingbird feeder from it. That spot of red is always very bright and cheerful isn't it???

Now if we just had some hummingbird visitors to come to it, that would be even better! LOL!



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