Sunday, 11 May 2008

Scenes from a stationary vehicle

I think we found nearly all the red lights between here and there (and back again).
We found level crossings for Mog and Little Fish to laugh at (the bumps in the road, not the concept!)
We found many many older English churches
And pretty towns.
More red lights, more churches

More churches - it's very considerate to place red lights near so many churches, plenty of time to admire them.And finally out of towns and into the countryside proper,

The kind of countryside where seven villages will have the same first word in their title, and differ only in the Saint's name following. As I drove through all seven villages repeatedly, desperately hunting for the correct saint I did at least get to appreciate the many fields full of rape.
Glorious, golden, oilseed rape. Beautiful. It smells of the honey my grandmother's bees used to make, and I hear my great grandmother praising its colour as we took her for a drive through the country. Nearly blind, she could see the yellow but was insistant it was daffodils. Whatever it was, it was pretty and it made her happy.

So it makes me happy when I see it. And happily, none of us suffer from hay fever.
I had planned to give you a picture of an ancient windmill as well as the more modern variety, but, most inconsiderately, the lights by the windmill were green and the traffic was all moving. Sorry folks.

Finally, after much pausing at crossroads, and successfully relocating the same crossroad signpost from all four directions, and after a frantic phonecall, we arrived at our friends' house.

And had time to smarten ourselves up ready for the main event.I was herding children during the main reason for our visit, and there were better photographers than I present, so Tina can give you the rest of the story here.

A peaceful, restful weekend; visiting friends, celebrating a Baptism, watching Mog and my Goddaughter renew their friendship
and watching Little Fish renew her friendship with "Ina" and "Boy"
Please excuse the quality of the last photo; I was hiding inside so Little Fish could enjoy her friends and not worry about needing to be on my lap.

A good time was had by all, and I hope we can repeat it very soon.


Alesha said...

It looks like ya'll had a wonderful day! I had already seen the baptism pics at Tina's blog, and I was definite that I recognized two of the little girlies in those pics!!!

So glad you got there finally and had such a nice time.


Tina said...

It was so good to see you all. sorry i was not the best of hosts and thanks for all your help. It was a lovely time wasn't it?

Tia said...

What on earth are you apologising for?

We arrived at your house, we had a delicious meal prepared by you and your family, we used your facilities (and polluted your dustbin!), the children all played extremely nicely together, and somehow on Sunday you had managed to take time out between everything else you were doing to rearrange your house so Mog would be even more comfortable - totally unexpected and definitely making you the best of hostesses as far as we were concerned!


Doorless said...

What a lovely time . I loved the pics and wish I could see your country. Thank you for sharing. The girls all looked lovely.


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