Saturday, 3 May 2008

Keep your friends close, your toddlers closer

A beautiful afternoon. Mild, sunny, a refreshing breeze wafting the scent of apple blossom across the garden. Bliss. Mog outside enjoying a balmy spring day. Me, inside, housekeeping catching up on emails. Little Fish beetling about between the two of us, doing wheelies down the ramps to the garden to check on Mog, then zipping back into the sitting room to talk to me.

Calm, quiet, rest.
No hang on, that's too quiet, better investigate.

And there's Little Fish, in the kitchen, eating peanut butter straight out of the jar.

So I clean her up, make a mental note to find some kind of child lock for the pantry (but what? the ones I have for the bleach cupboard and the drugs cupboard won't fit), pootle around for a few minutes and decide to check on Mog, who is still cooing softly in the garden.

I walk outside and discover it is raining. This doesn't bother Mog, but since she's out there in a Tshirt and trousers, wheelchair reclined as far back as it will go, she is effectively being drowned by the spectacularly large raindrops. Much as she appears to be enjoying the experience, I feel she ought really to come back inside. *

Both girls enjoyed a refreshing and cleansing protracted bath this afternoon. The radio was on and they had the expensive bubble bath, I'm sure that counts as a nice multisensory activity doesn't it?

Then I got them out, and between the two of them they managed to urinate on four bath towels.
Happy days.

*I should, I suppose, be grateful to Little Fish for raiding the peanut butter jar - I doubt very much she'd have told me it was raining, so had I not gone to investigate her explorations Mog might have been sitting out there for quite a bit longer. I like to think I would have noticed. At least at the point when the rain was falling heavily enough to drown out her joyous spring song.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tia, I found you via Jenny Wren's blog....congratulations on winning Jenny's giveaway! Loving your's great to meet another Brit-blogger! Come and visit me sometime!

Love, Tina :)


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