Friday, 23 May 2008

It's yoyo time

One very very overtired and miserable Little Fish. A few choking episodes during the day including one bright blue one (pretty but not really to be recommended). Beyond coherence once we got to teatime, so I shot her into bed early, where she grabbed at her Nippy in relief and settled down.

At which point Mog decided it was her turn to start choking. Not blue but nicely purple and hypersalivating - and yet no apparent reason. Just too much dribble. So, early meds for Mog and scooted her into bed too.

Little Fish, revived by 30 minutes on the Nippy decided it was morning time and started shouting for "up again". Turned her over, found her a dry bit of sleeve to suck and settled her down.

Mog started crying. Vented her (took the air out of her stomach; she can't burp), she settled. Little Fish shouted. Turned her again, pulled her curtains even closer together, sat beside her talking her down into sleep until howls from Mog again. Gathered Mog up and helped her to vomit (through her gastrostomy, she can't actually puke any more), then settled her in the only place she found comfortable - snuggled up on my lap facing me. She's too long to do that really; her chin digs into my shoulder, her knees are on my knees and her bottom sticks up in the middle. But it works.

Some gentle patting and rocking and she settles, at which point Little Fish's Nippy shrieks a disconnection warning, which causes Little Fish to shriek in turn. It doesn't usually bother her, but sometimes when it has come loose she ends up desperately clutching it to her face; I think she's too tired to work out how to breathe for herself so she tries to do the work of the straps herself whilst shouting for help.

So Mog unceremoniously thrown back into bed, I leap for the Nippy and get Little Fish breathing comfortably again. Find the remaining dry inch of her sleeve for her to suck and slip out of her room. To find Mog choking on dribble - haven't we been here before?

Both Mog and Little Fish have runny noses which I guess doesn't help with the breathing/dribbling thing (in fact thinking about it, if Little Fish has a runny nose and is breathing through her mouth, how is her Nippy with its nasal mask doing anything at all? Hmmmm). Lightbulb moment; I head to the kitchen and retrieve the Olbas Oil. Two drops on Mog's nightie and her runny nose dries up, now she can breathe and suddenly the dribble isn't an issue any more. And it's only taken me four hours to figure it out. Sorry girls!

I'm off to bed before either of them find something else to fret about


Alesha said...

Oh my goodness! It's stories like these that make me think we've lost our minds to consider adopting again!!! LOL! Not really...there are 2 of us after all. (My real deterrent is the mounds of paperwork!)

I truly hope they sleep through the rest of the night.

Blessings to you three,

Anonymous said...

Oh my what a start to the night! Hope the rest of the night went better for you! At least they were taking turns--how considerate!

MOM2_4 said...

What good girls to take turns! Wonder if they had a planning session to decided who would go
1st in the let's keep mum hopping tonight party.

Hope you got some sleep!!


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