Saturday, 31 May 2008

Early morning musings

Mog is not well. I don't think it's just the nappy rash, but she's got a high temp and she's miserable, needing to be held whenever she's awake. That's usually a sign that something's not quite right. As a baby, Mog needed to be held every moment of the day. Even being held, she would cry, but the cry wasn't quite as desperate as when she was put down. I remember big celebrations when, at 1, we were able to leave her in a special seat for a whole five minutes. Thankfully, she did eventually work out who she was, where she was, and a bit about how the world worked. Now, when she is ill, she reverts back to the little bundle of misery. Only she's a long stiff length of misery rather than a little bundle, and holding her all day is no longer a simple matter of popping her in a sling. I may dig out the biggest one though; see if I can create something out of it for her.

When she's like this, she loses the ability to sleep naturally. I try to hold off on her sedative until a reasonable time in the evening; it gives us both around 6 hours usually, so I like to leave it until I am ready to sleep as well as she is. But she was desperately miserable last night, so I switched her to sleep by half past seven. The relief on her face as she slid off into a deep sleep was wonderful - her seizures play up more when she is ill, and more when she is tired, so she will drift off to sleep only to be woken seconds later with a big jump and a twitch. Exhausting for her and she hates it.

So, an early night inevitably meant an early morning, and sure enough, she was awake again at 3. Awake and miserable - still feeling under the weather then. Painkillers, a clean nappy, more special cream on her sore bottom (which is, thankfully, beginning to look a little less nasty), a quiet CD and some comfort, and she slept for another three hours. Not just miserable but outraged at 6, different painkillers, her morning meds, a big long cuddle, another change and more cream, and she settled down in front of the television for some early morning puppet stuff. Her howls woke Little Fish; no time to get LF up whilst still trying to comfort Mog so I popped into her bedroom and turned her over, she pulled the duvet back up and settled down again. Grabbed my coffee and went in to see Mog who was blissfully asleep with a half smile on her face in front of the television. Little Fish had also settled back to sleep.

Now it's 8.30, I've had my second cup of coffee for the morning. I'm wide awake and both girls are still snoring gently, one at each end of the house leaving me in the middle walking on tiptoe to keep the noise down. It's unusual for Little Fish to be asleep still at this time in the morning, so I hope she hasn't got whatever Mog has. Mog will I hope sleep for another hour or so, and her mood on waking will let me know whether she's slept off whatever this lurgy is, or whether, after a trip to our own GP yesterday for bottom cream, we now need to be chasing an Out of Hours appointment for antibiotics. Little Fish has an appointment on Monday morning for some allergy related stuff anyway; it would be nice to have a couple of days at least without seeing the doctor!

As I was holding Mog a lot yesterday, Little Fish was inevitably left a little more to her own devices. She found my camera again (I think I need to find her a child's model; she keeps managing to change the settings on mine). Here's her photo diary of yesterday.
"Out Mummy, out dere"
Mummy and Mog - I quite like this photo; she's definitely improved since her first attempts.
And finally, her best self portrait yet.The girl has talent, I tell you! She's so happy to have the camera, holding it tight in her hand as she wheels herself around using her elbow, knowing which buttons to press to turn it on and to take photos, and learning how to keep her thumb off the lens. It keeps her happy and more or less out of trouble. Now, if she could only remember where she put those passports I'd be a very happy bunny myself.

Excuse me, I am off to make the most of the peace before the girls decide it really is time to start the day.


Rx said...

Come on Mog, beat that uckiness!
and LF definately needs a cheap barbie camera or something...she could be the next artistic!!

sending get well vibes to Mog and loads of available coffee vibes to you xx

Alesha said...

Isaac and I are up early this morning too, although, thankfully, he is laying quietly listening to music.

(Randy Travis "Glory Train" to be exact - thank God for that man's mellow voice! He has contributed to more hours of sleep and rest than he will ever know!)

I pray Mog wakes up with no pain or misery, and that Little Fish does not end up with a shared bug.

Hope your day is peaceful, and you don't have to try to track down meds on the weekend!

Ruth said...

Boudreaux's Butt Paste kicks 'butt' for nappy rash, drop these guys an email and they'll send you a free sample. It really does cure and prevent nappy rash, completely :)


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