Wednesday, 14 May 2008

A day in my life

Little Jenny Wren is inviting people to join her in posting "A day in my life" for today, Wednesday 15th May. So here's mine.

I had a good start to the day; I awoke to this:
which is always a nice start; it means neither girl has needed me in the pre-dawn hours. Little Fish did decide to let me know she was awake as I was getting up, but since that was 6.30 I think it was nearly reasonable.

Next stop the kitchen; coffee and feed the fish.Breakfast for both girls, tea for our morning carer, get Little Fish dressed as the carer gets Mog up, and make sure Mog has everything she needs for school.Milk, check. Meds, check. Home/school book, check. Lunch, check. Spare clothes, check I obviously didn't check properly; she came home in a spare school tshirt as I failed to put in an extra of her own. Oops.

Sort out our breakfast thingsAnd a pile of laundry
Then wave Mog off on the school busNormally at this point, the next step would be to walk Little Fish over to preschool. But today she had an appointment at the Dr's, so instead we loaded up our own bus and headed off into town. Posted a letter, payed a bill, and zipped up to the surgery, where we sat quietly for 30 minutes until it was our turn.

Little Fish does not have diabetes. Hurrah. Our Dr is going to push urology to do some proper investigations, and if that doesn't show anything, then the next step is to look at diabetes insipidus. But it's more likely to be a urological problem. Since we already know that she has urology problems, I'm thinking that's sort of good news.

Back in the bus and dropped Little Fish at preschool. Home in time for some of thisand a bit of a sit down, before walking back past thisto collect Little Fish from preschool.

We meandered home togetherAnd had lunch
before heading out into the garden and realising that whilst theseare very pretty, and so is thisI should probably be spending less time admiring them, and more time doing something about thisand maybe adding something to thisI grew carrots in this window box a couple of years ago, mixed up with strawberries. They both grew quite nicely, although the carrots were only an inch or so long. Tasty though. But, enough pondering, time to load Little Fish and I back into the van and head off to our local cottage hospitalto have Little Fish's eyes tested.

I am still mildly amused by the sign on the window at reception:So is it my name you want, or my "name"? (Hello, my "name" is Inigo Montoya, It just doesn't have the same ring)

Eye tests went fine - Little Fish's eyes are working better than they were last year, however her long sight has worsened. So her eyes are more functional but less effective; not entirely sure how that works. But the good news is her sticky eye is likely to be nothing more than a side effect from wearing the wrong strength glasses, and unlikely to be anything more sinister. We have a new prescription (after much screaming and sobbing from Little Fish - she'll let the nurse stab her finger for a blood sugar test in the morning but won't let the optician shine a light in her eye in the afternoon, strange child), and will go and choose some new glasses next time we are in town.

Home again, and time to do a spot of this:whilst meanwhile Little Fish takes a turn with the camera.I am quite fond of this one. I like my ceiling; it is so clean and tidy up there. There is an awful lot of wasted space on a ceiling; I sometimes wonder about somehow coating the ceilings in this house in velcro, and just tossing toys, junk, clutter children up there at the end of each day. Mog came back from school, and we spent the rest of the afternoon in our usual round of cooking, feeding, medicating, cleaning up, changing and posting children to bed.

Little Fish has settled after her now obligatory round of calling out, being comforted, calling again, being comforted and turned, calling again, being comforted and having the door adjusted so that it is neither open nor shut, calling again and being told she needs to go to sleep, and finally silence. Mog stayed up an extra hour, and kept me company as I ate my healthy and nutritious evening meal takeaway pizza. What? it had vegetables on it...

Now I can hear the gentle hum of Little Fish's Nippy, and Mog is snoring less gently in her room. My brother has just phoned for a chat, and informs me that the weeds in my flowerbed were are Creeping Buttercup, not Ground Elder. And that my new nephew is doing superbly, my niece is happy, and he and my sister in law are surviving nicely. All good to hear.

Uploading many photos and blogging this for you all; I am now about to say goodbye to my MSN friends for the night, and will see you all in the morning


Tina said...

good night hope you sleep well. I am so glad the eye was nothing serious! the garden is loking good!
And I really love the skew eyed mug, I have drunk out of that mug! loL!

Alesha said...

well, praise the Lord for a little good news today.

I really enjoyed a peek at your day today. Your window box is going to be gorgeous when everything blooms!

I pray you get another good night's sleep, although 2 in a row might be asking too much!!! :-)


MOM2_4 said...

Loved hanging out with you today. Thanks for letting me tag along.

Have a wonderful night!!


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