Thursday, 20 August 2009

Anywhere but here

Let's go backAnyone with me?
Mog loves riding horses. OK this one was so small it barely counted, but still, I can't help wondering. Specialist backriding; someone to sit behind her, someone to walk either side of her, someone to lead the horse, someone to load her onto the horse in the first place and be ready to catch her at the other end. Too labour intensive to be practical; she had a few sessions in the summer holidays for a couple of years and then it was someone else's turn.

Take a campsite providing donkey rides; she sits astride and balances with a lot of help from her Hensinger and from yours truly. I'm sure we didn't get the full workout the backriding gives her. But she had fun, she got a good stretch and she was working hard to stay upright.

Free physio, another reason to camp. For Little Fish, I think the highlight was sitting on my shoulders eating ham. I'm not quite as convinced that this is a good reason to camp.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad everyone has a good time.

That's a shame re: riding. I'm moving to a nearby area and was thinking their RDA looked more likely than where I am now (who only do LD, not physical).

Tia said...

It depends on the degree of physical disability. The RDA stables at Southmoor is kitted out with a hoist and a raised platform to get onto the horse. And they do have a lot of physically disabled children and adults who do ride, including a fair few others from Mog's school. I think it's the combination of seizures and spasms and utter lack of control over her body and head and everything else which makes riding very difficult for Mog. Certainly Little Fish has been offered a slot (which we sadly had to turn down for a number of reasons), so they definitely take children with physical disabilities.

I hope your move goes smoothly - you're very welcome to get in touch if we can be of any assistance in knowing what other local services are out there.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, yes please - we'll go back like a shot!!
Catherine x


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