Sunday, 16 August 2009

Just Another Day

Today, in the nicest possible way, nothing happened.

We woke up at what passes for late for us (7.30). We got dressed in a nice unstressed way, and we had a fairly basic breakfast. We sat and talked to friends, and then suddenly it was lunchtime. We loaded the bus as dull as it would go, and joined (and accidentally led) a convoy to a local pub, where we managed to eat the last of the roast pork. We sat around until we were the last customers in the pub, and then we loaded the bus again, and came home.

Little Fish had a bath and then a paddle in a friend's pool. Mog watched, then had the fastest in-and-out dunk-and-dry in history; ready for her bed before she'd even fully gone into spasm from the shock of the cool water.

We ate, we sat with friends, the girls sat around again for a bit, and then went to bed. I sat and chatted some more then came to bed myself. A nice gentle unhurried nothing special kind of a day.

Home tomorrow, and back to normality and a slew of appointments. Goodbye to friends we won't see again until next summer, hello to running out of time to get everything done before September. But that's for tomorrow. Just for today I'll stick with our nice gentle nothingness.


1 comment:

Doorless said...

What a nice calm peaceful day. We all need one like that now and then.
Have a safe trip home.


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