Saturday, 22 August 2009

Going Local part two

Stuffed marrow. Even better the second day; Mog fighting for a bite and Little Fish taking a mouthful, then gasping for a sip of water to take the taste away, and then turning round to smile at me "deeelishus Mummy, thank you for cooking that for me."
We made her day and did some cooking.
A blackberry and cocoa pudding
Which looked rather gorgeous to start off withAnd tasted even better than it lookedMarrow stuffed with chili beans and sweetcorn, and a pudding piled high with blackberries. Little Fish has finally achieved her five a day, with only a little sneaky fruit juice through her tube to boost it. She's also managed quite nicely on the dairy front, having raided the 'fridge when I was with Mog, leaving the 'fridge door ajar, and a trail of empty yoghurt pots dripping and festering across the hall and sitting room floors. Nice.

I'm still trying to work out her thought processes. Tonight I gave her her suppository (yes, we've moved on from the food, this is now a poo post, feel free to stop reading). She looked very thoughtful as I inserted it, gently posting it up as far as possible. "You reading my bottom, Mummy?"

It took me a moment to work out what she'd asked, and I checked with her. She confirmed the question. "That's a weird thing to ask" I replied intelligently.

She nodded solemnly. "It's a weird thing to do, Mumma" she confirmed. Some days my life borders on the surreal.



Anonymous said...

I want that pudding!
And I love Amana's comment re reading her bottom being weird.... all I can think of as her thought process link is a temperature reading? (But then you probably don't really talk about reading a temperature....)
K x

Doorless said...

Inquiring minds from across the big pond want to know. What is stuffed Marrow?
Got to love that LF. You could write a book!

Trina and Jophie said...

OH OH! I know! **Raising hand very high* Pick me! Pick me!

Ahhheeemmm(Clears throat)


Stuffed Morrow is stuffed Zuchinni!

Yay! I remembered something from my English lessons from Tia..haha

You tryin' to outdo my blueberry cobbler girlie? Hmmmmmmmm?

Well you just HAD to add chocolate didn't you? You wicked woman! Now I want chocolate!

Looks yummy!

Trina and Jophie

sarah bess said...

Burst out laughing at that last line. She's right. I'm sure it seems like we do do such weird things to them sometimes.

Sara x said...

Gosh that pudding looked yummy. I never tried marrow. I love the bottom reading comment. xxx

Doorless said...

Wow! I never stuffed zucchini. Now I want to know what you stuffed it with. My friend has more of it than she knows what to do with. So this might be a great idea for her.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I laughed at her wisdom! Little Fish you are so funny - and it's only funny because it's true :0)


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