Wednesday, 12 August 2009

That's better

And now the holiday can begin. We have sleeping bags, we have
blankets, we have sunshine and shade. Unfortunately we have mouldy
camp beds, so will have to take a trip to the local camping store
tomorrow. And despite checking and double checking, I have yet again
managed to cone camping without one of Mog's meds. Just for variety
though, after two years of forgetting the clobazam (in two different
campsites), this year it is the Vigabatrin.

There's something special about camping with Special Kids. It's partly
the fact that somewhat wonky children outnumber the more mainstream
variety. It's partly the fact that you know when people stare, they're
actually checking out the design of the wheelchairs, not just gazing
in slackjawed disbelief at the presence of a real live disabled child.
It's partly the fact that a wobbly child running towards a group of
strangers is met with smiles and open arms, not shocked disapproval.
But, just for tonight, it's the fact that enough fellow campers bring
spare emergency beds in case of accidents, and that somewhere in the
field, there will be another child on the same medication. Not enough
for the rest of the week, sadly, but at least enough for the next 24
hours, which buys us enough time to track down a doctor in the morning.



Michelle said...

Hope you find the medication tomorrow. Take lots of pictures, I really love your eye on life.

Anonymous said...


HennHouse said...

Oh! That DOES look better!

Trina and Jophie said...

Ahhh much better girlie....Course the med thing is becoming a habit eh? LOL

Guess I'm gonna have to start helping you pack! :0)

Have fun!

Trina and Jophie

Elinor said...

Fab! let the fun begin.


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