Monday, 24 August 2009

cats and camping

funny pictures of cats with captions
A spot of cat herding today; always entertaining (for the watchers). My parents' remaining cat, Sadie, is now old and ill, blind from a series of strokes and has lost all her fire. Whereas before this picture would've been a good descriptor for her, she is now content to stroll around the house, using her whiskers to find doorways and furniture, and curling up on a sheepskin when it all gets too much.

Goway, meanwhile, is bounding around the house like a cat who knows he is bound for the cattery. They're both off there for a stay whilst we go to Guide Camp. Goway with his spray and allergy meds, Sadie with her blood pressure pills, her thyroid tablets, and her need for weekly reviews. Whatever happened to the idea that cats were easy pets?

Meanwhile the bus is packed, the essential admin is done, and just as soon as I can locate my uniform (ran out of energy and the will to live last night before I'd found it) I shall be getting dressed, dressing the girls, and heading off to the New Forest, for a week at Foxlease.

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