Saturday, 8 August 2009

Porch Party

Visiting on each other's porches isn't somthing I'd be terribly likely to do in real life, not least because most porches in this country tend to be small things about 3 foot wide and 2 foot deep, just big enough to keep the worst of the rain pouring down the back of your neck and soaking your rucksack off as you wait for someone to answer their front door. But Lynette is having a virtual porch party this weekend, and, tempting as the prospect of staying at home and wallowing in self-pity is, I thought probably joining a different kind of party was probably a better use of my time.

I know a couple of you who hang out over on Lynette's virtual porch, but most of the rest of you are strangers - so here's me, stepping out from the bushes and putting the binoculars down ending a lurk and joining in. Hello!

In no particular order then, ten things about me. Regular readers who don't Lynette's blog can either ignore this or read on, go and read up on hers or do something else. But then you didn't need my permission to do that anyway. You'll notice I don't promise ten interesting things, just ten things. Read on at your own risk. Thank you.

1. I just bought two pairs of jeans, one size smaller than they've been for several years, despite a week of eating cake and takeaways. Go me!

2. I eat by feel more than by flavour. Malted milk biscuits, vanilla shortbread, Dairy Milk are all nice warm flavours. Mint, dark chocolate, lemon, and tomato are cold flavours. Cherry tomatoes are the worst, and remind me of bursting boils. I just know you're all delighted with me for sharing that last titbit.

3. I have two unfinished tapestries, one unfinished cross stitch, four unfinished pieces of knitting, three unfinished dresses and a long and useless piece of oddly shaped crochet. It is highly unlikely that any of these will ever be finished. I also have 30 yards (combined length) of shower curtaining and nursery mattress covering, none of which will ever be used. Anyone living locally wanting waterproof mattress covering or shower curtaining, please call in!

4. I'd rather curl up with a good book than go out for an evening.

5. I have not been able to light a scented candle in the house since Mog made it very apparent that she doesn't like them. I miss this. I'd like to know why incense is a problem for her but air freshener spray is not.

6. I do not enjoy the fact that my iMac has no right click. I'd like to know how mac users do many of the things I use the right click for, and how long it'll take me to work out what to do instead.

7. I am bored of having to turn Little Fish over in bed; she didn't used to need help doing this and now it can be every ten minutes or so. I am not an endlessly patient mother under these circumstances.

8. I never know how to answer the question "how many children do you have?" Three is too intimate for casual questioning, and two feels like a betrayal every time I say it.

9. I am now officially actively fostering again, and whilst I'm not expecting any placements before September, I am now available for short term under twos. This is exciting for all three of us, and apparently deeply concerning to everyone else. Share my joy, please, people!

10. This blog (in general, not this particular post) is a curious mixture of personal and public stuff. So much I choose not to post, so much I am asked not to post, so much else I choose to post which some people think I shouldn't. I try not to offend, upset, or break confidences. Where I have, I'm sorry. I wonder how accurate a picture of our life it portrays.

That's it; I'm off to meet some of the rest of you now!


Anonymous said...

i can right click on mine! You need to delve into the system settings.....!

Sarah said...

... but after a while you just don't need to right click, there are other ways of accessing the menus (ctrl click I think). It doesn't bother me any more, after years of using an ibook.

Anonymous said...

Tia, i can use room spray fine - although it gives me a headache but light a sented candle or incense and my asthma is horrendus - just wondered if this might help explain Mogs issues with them ?

Anonymous said...

Right click by pressing ctrl as you click...

Enjoying your blog as always,

RachaelT (SPKIUK)

Doorless said...

New computer = new computer language.
Not too much longer before your vacation. Hang in there.I think I will join the porch party

HennHouse said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like cherry tomatoes!!

Lynnette Kraft said...

Hi Tia. Thanks for joining in on the porch visit and for telling me 10 things about you. I found them very interesting. :)

I think your food thing is interesting and I kind of agree with you on cherry tomatoes. Never would have thought of it, but yes, definitely! ha!

I enjoyed my visit and hope to get to know you better.

Blessings to you this weekend.
Your chum,

Equip KIDS International said...

HI! Oooh, this is the first time I'm commenting. I've been reading your blog for a little while - not even sure how I found it. But, I love your writing and I have 2 daughters myself, and the additional challenges you face with appt., medication, equipment, etc, really put things in perspective for me.

I work with kids with disabilities in Peru where things are very, very different. One of my goals is to raise awareness about the situation for kids with disabilities in developing countries, so you might like to check out my recent post

Maybe I'll even join the "porch party". What a great idea.

Anyway, I really enjoy reading your blog - it often makes me smile.

All the best. Dana at Equip KIDS

Signing! said...

Great to hear that you're now offically fostering again. Hope it's not long before a little one comes your way!


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