Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Disjointed ramblings

Three visitors today, including one who brought his own drink, and one who made half a glass of lemonade last all day. Add in one of mine who doesn't drink, and one who shouldn't, and how come I washed up 21 coffee cups this evening? I'm thinking that makes it a good day. Well, if that didn't, iPhone light sabres helped (oh ok and conversation and giggles and silly children and a serf Courtney to keep the crews amused.

Less good; my laptop died. Completely fried and got to go back to the shop to be data-recoveried and replaced. More pox so definitely no New Wine this year. Mog bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this evening as I wait to go to bed myself. And far too much chocolate cake left to eat.

Cute; a phonecall from my niece "Hello, hello? Sorry for giving Little Fish spots". And a long ramble about imaginary kittens, birthday present Christmas crackers, and an old yoyo. I'm still trying to untangle it but thinking maybe it's better left surreal and random.

A discovery - one made more by Courtney and the under 8s than by myself - you can't glue pompoms to pipecleaners even if the instructions the box say you can. A second discovery - this will annoy the 19 year old far more than the 2, 4, and 6 year olds. A third discovery; add together the ages of all four children who were here today and you reach the age of Courtney. Does this mean C is worth 4 of them?



Alison said...

thank you for a lovely day. The elephant almost made it home in one piece! The spider is def better! Please give C my particular thanks for entertaining the juniors and keeping them out the way lol!! Sorry to have left so much clearing up - though relieved to see only coffee cups left not weedy tea cups! Love to all xxx

MOM2_4 said...

googily eyes don't glue well to pipe cleaners either... this discovery made by Karissa.

Sounds like a lovely day! Laura


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