Monday, 24 August 2009


Something old - an evening meal cooked on a wood fire, a blackened kettle more soot than metal. A dustbin boiler, element buried in the fire and steamingly hot water ready for washing up once the food has been cooked.

Something borrowed - the dining shelter. Traditionally made, wooden ridge pole and big wooden pegs, an ageless design.

And something blue - 20 Girl Guides, none of whom feature in this photo as they've gone off to use the last of the daylight exploring the site with the rest of the leaders, leaving yours truly to mind the fire and two small sleeping girls. And to blog.

Woodsmoke and grass, soon to be supplemented with the gentle hiss of gas lanterns.

Something new(ish) - a washing up rack with draining board, no hours spent with knotting and lashing, just a couple of minutes and some rubber bands.


MOM2_4 said...

That looks simply wonderful!

Sara x said...

Sounds great, we dont need all the new gadgets well maybe our laptops xxx

swift said...

Wow, no square lashing! I may borrow that idea...


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