Saturday, 1 August 2009

Who needs holidays anyway?

Quiz for you all. Which of the following was not on my official plan for today?
  • Cat to cattery
  • Retrieve tent from parents' garage and pack in our bus
  • Give parents boxes of books and other stuff for future car boot sale
  • Check that milk is absolutely positively definitely cancelled for next week
  • Double check passes, map, site information, weather forecast.
  • Wash every item of clothing we possess, ready for packing
  • Entertain Mog's Grandparents
  • Come out in Chicken Pox
  • Pack
At least she managed it before I started finished the packing. It was impressive actually; no spots at all first thing this morning; I stroked her back at 11.30 and found one, there were two there by 12, and she now has eight and a raging temperature. We have acyclovir which she started within 3 hours of the first spot appearing, so I hope it'll help. But even though it isn't Swine 'Flu, I don't think we'd be very popular at New Wine, so we're not off camping tomorrow.

Grump and humph.



Doorless said...

I am so sorry. Which ever girl has them I hope she does not share. Wish I could help.

PMDPeter said...

Just what you hoped Little Fish wouldn't catch.

Hey Ho.


MOM2_4 said...

Oh NO! When I said she'd wait till Saturday to get then I REALLY was joking. I wasn't thinking she'd actually get them. OH - Poor LF! Poor Tia & Mog!!

Hugs & Prayers,

Almost American said...

Bummer! Slightly better than getting to the campsite and discovering them I suppose . . .

Trina and Jophie said...

Ugh girlie....I'm just glad she decided to speckle up before you got there and yep your ever so right....

Good news for me but horrible for you...

Talk later tonight...

Trina and Jophie

Anonymous said...

Oh no--Sure you're all quite disappointed--Hope she's feeling better soon.

Tina said...

hugs on the dissappointment. God's plans are perfect I am sure there is something good in store. Hope the temperature soon settles and LF is not too miserable.
Much love

Riven said...

you'll be spot free for the SKIUK camp then. Hopefully.

Hazel said...

I'd always been told that the most infectious time is pre-spot and that once the spots appear then you`re not that infectious anymore, just looks a bit offputting to the casual observer.

Otherwise you could have a chicken pox party and invite some little friends who haven't had it, it's something kids definitely want to catch small, it's even less fun as an adult.

Elinor said...



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