Sunday, 2 August 2009

Making Do

So, when you aren't going camping and you can't bash a few tent pegs with a mallet to release your fury, what do you do?
Hammer away at some ginger snaps to make a pie crust, that's what!

And when you aren't in a field surrounded by other happy campers, what do you do for fun?Gather your non-poxy friends and camp out in your mother's bedroom, that's what. Mog makes a good tent pole.
Today's pox-watch pic.


HennHouse said...

What kind of pie did you make with a gingerbread crust?

Does that mean one of your girls has the pox?

julie x said...

hey. oh what a pain in the ... back. hope she is not too poorly. at least you hadnt got to the campsite ... although you obviously had done everything else. hey at least England are on top of the Ozzies at cricket. u like cricket? hang on in there it might be a long week! julie x

Doorless said...

Glad to see you are able to make the best of the situation and LF isn't too uncomfortable. My oldest married daughter the mum to the two little ones only had three pox. My son was covered and came down with them at the sitter. My friend and I picked up our boys from work and had been working with a patient with a trach that apparently harbored staff and we had some droppings on our uniforms. Both boys came down with staff in their pox. They had to have shots every day for a week and we had to stay off work with pay as we kept reporting that this patient needed to be cultured and no one would listen or authorize we wear protective gowns.!

Tia said...

I hope she doesn't get staph in hers - we've just finished a round of antibiotics for staph in her gastrostomy!

The pie was a lemon meringue one - I like Ginger Snaps to make a zingy crust for it.

Not hugely into cricket but might see if I can persuade LF to watch it; it might send her to sleep nicely!

Michelle said...

I'll be praying, no high fevers, no staph.


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