Friday, 21 August 2009

Going Local

Blackberries and apples picked from a friend's garden in the morning and baked for tea that evening. A stuffed marrow; also from a friend's garden, and we're good to go.

I could make that sound really fresh and wholesome and down-t0-earth wonderful couldn't I? Did I convince you? It's not quite true... We did pick the blackberries and apples, and we did have a rather tasty stuffed marrow, but pudding was a very labour intensive dish; I had to open our pantry cupboard, break off a large piece of chocolate, and divide it up between us. The fruit looks beautiful; is beautiful, and will be cooked in the morning. I'm thinking of competing with Trina's Blueberry Cobbler.



Anonymous said...

Hi Tia,its me millgirl,been away for a few weeks.Our disabled son has been camping in a Yurt on a sn holiday,and he had a brilliant time.I love his sunkissed skin.
Amazing to see the blackberries,up here in the North they are no way near.Thank you for your beautiful,amazing blogs.They really help me.As I have said before,your daughters are GORGEOUS.

Tia said...

Welcome back! SN camping in a yurt sounds great - is it open to anyone? I can see Little Fish having a blast doing something like that in a few years' time.

Anonymous said...

Yes absolutely anyone,an amazing sensory experience but VERY EXPENSIVE compared to bog standard camping.Gosh the food you cooked looked gorgeous,and I must say Little Fish is blooming with health,as is Mog.


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