Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Go go Grandad!

More wholesome traditional Guiding fun. Mock the men Pioneering. Dad likes pioneering. Dad likes wood, full stop. Give the man wood, an axe and a saw and a bunch of Guides or Scouts to train, and he's a very happy man. Give him a bunch of bigger wood, some rope, and a group of Guides or Scouts, and he's possibly even happier. Regulations don't allow him to create the death slides he used to produce when we were deemed too young to try them out, but monkey bridges and complex ladders, rafts and rope courses still get the next generation going.

Little Fish watched the Guides in silence, saving her admiration for the last person to cross. "Wow, Grandad, well done that is very very good. You a clever man, Grandad." The girls agreed.


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