Monday 5 April 2010

1Happy Easter!

Two years ago, we celebrated in style in Florida.

One year ago, we celebrated more gently in Switzerland.

This year taking life easier yet; friends visiting but very firmly home-based. Inspired by visiting friend, we spent much of yesterday digging out clearing the sunroom to make it a beautiful space to eat our Easter lunch in. It seemed a shame really, when, room having been cleaned and polished, floor gleaming, table shining and covered with cloth and flowers, girls imported, garden doors open to catch the splendour of spring, I then dragged out of the oven one somewhat overcooked veggie lasagne and realised I had forgotten to make any kind of side dishes whatsoever, and that pudding would not be the beautiful creation I'd envisaged, but rather a Waitrose bag full of differently sized Easter Eggs. Ah well. Flavoured with friendship and seasoned by the successful cleaning, it still tasted pretty good to most of us. Little Fish, oddly, decided crunchy green beans were the best bit and refused the pasta and cheese. And Mog had a droplet of tomato sauce which she very much enjoyed, and a crumb of chocolate which she did not enjoy, forcing the rest of us to save her from having to eat any more of her egg.

Little Fish and Little Friend snuggled down together in the cot most of the afternoon, watching Peppa Pig and Fifi. Mog disdained their choice of viewing and sat in the playroom watching The Little Mermaid and Songs of Praise. And friend and I pottered on through the house, somewhat destroying the playroom and sitting room, but creating order in the kitchen and discovering acres of flooring I hadn't seen for months. Our six year old visitor from Friday, who looked around from the security of her father's lap (wise child), before asking me why on earth things were so messy, would be impressed I think.

Two nights in a row where Mog has given me five hours straight without alarming. Two nights in a row where I've been sleeping in her room, ready to leap at the slighted sound of a struggle. Better nights for both of us, although longer time I'd quite like my bed back please. Perhaps I should move hers into my room instead?

Happy Easter. A Risen Lord and an Empty Tomb far more cause for celebration than a polished floor and a tidy room. But perhaps New Life and a new start aren't all that far apart?


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