Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good
  • Mog's CT scan shows no further brain damage nor anything untowards (ok the massive brain damage she already has hasn't healed itself, but none of us were looking for that).
  • Little Fish's newest Nippy mask is still not marking her anywhere.
  • My front garden will have grass covering it again from tomorrow.
  • Three new fish seem to be surviving in our tank.
  • I only have half a load of washing unwashed.
  • The sun is shining, summer uniforms are being unpacked for school, flowers and blossoms and proper Spring really really actually is here at last.
  • Mum and Dad are back home again.
  • Little Fish is so envious of Mog's recent stay in Helen House that she wants me to book them both in together, and for me to drop them off then pick them up later. How she'll feel about that when it comes to it I'm not sure, but I shall be testing her resolution at some point in the next few months I suspect.
  • Little Fish wants to be a Rainbow.
  • I have new books by a new (to me) author loaned by a friend.
  • Life is starting to feel as though it might just be settling into some kind of a routine again.
The bad
  • Gotcha caught a mouse and left it in the hallway for me.
  • Lots of friends dealing with more than their fair share of rubbishery.
  • I've lost several small but urgent pieces of paperwork, and have lost an argument with British Gas too.
And the ugly
  • My 90 year old Grandmother was burgled over the weekend. Thankfully unhurt, just a television taken. Could have been very much worse. But still...

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