Sunday 25 April 2010

So, did Mog perform for us on Friday night, or did we end up taking the study kit with us to Alton Towers?

Did Mog perform on Saturday night or was taking it a waste of time?

How is it possible that the first night in a month where the alarms didn't sound at all was cause not for celebration but frustration?

Saturday night she dipped often Enough to have me sleeping the wrong way around in bed, arm stretched over to the sofabed two sisters shared, cancelling the alarm before anyone woke up. But she just tipped the alarm and bounced back; we therefore have beautifully recorded proof that her episodes are minor, infrequent, and self resolving. I wish that were the truth.

Excellent weekend despite the 600 Guides we shared it with. Fun times and now utter exhaustion. More tomorrow. I hope.

How can

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