Thursday 29 April 2010

Positive Spin

The fact that Mog's stridor was back last night meant that we could distinguish between central and obstructive apnoeas without even looking. The energetic amongst you could make this into a game - can you reach the monitor from the start of the silence before the monitor starts to alarm, or will it beep before you get there? The tireder among you can simply enjoy the stridor-free silence as a calm before the alarm storm.

The fact that Mog did not demonstrate any of her bigger impressive episodes on either night of her sleep study means she doesn't do them every night. I'm still not quite sure why that doesn't feel more positive - it's very odd feeling annoyed with your child for not stopping breathing.

I went out last night, and came back to find my sitter had had her first non-breathing-patient experience since she left nursing five years ago. It's an equally odd feeling feeling pleased your child did stop breathing - at least when someone else could see it.

I'm struggling to find something positive about the other five last night though. Seems a bit over the top to me...



Anonymous said...

Hello Tia,Mog and Little Fish.

Just thought it would be good to introduce ourselves as we will hopefully be meeting at Rosie's party next weekend.
I am Lisa, a friend of Tina's from Leeds who I expect you have heard about. There is also Darren, my husband and my two girls called Michelle (11) and Skye(10).
I read your blog every day and learn a bit about you.
Look forward to meeting you.


MOM2_4 said...

You have got to get a sleep study kit to use every night, girl! Sleep study kit - she sleeps... no sleep study kit - she tries to give you an aerobic workout getting to the alarm and then endurance training as you work to get her breathing again. Maybe even an empty box sitting by her bedside and she'll think it's a study night and sleep...

Praying you will get something figured out soon! I'd be a basket case!

Hugs & Prayers!!

Sara x said...

tell that young lady to behave herself. Was looking forward to catching up and Rosie's party but not sure I can face it.

Tia said...

Hmmm, well, the skeeo study has been analysed and apparently she does indeed obstruct all night long. It's on record and we have the beginnings of a plan for how to treat it. This is good.

Looking forwards to seeing everyone who does come to Rosie's party. Sara; would be really lovely to see you but fully understand if you're not up to it just at the moment - take care of yourself and your beautiful girls.


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