Thursday 20 May 2010

Car Wash

Hey, Mumma!No, Mumma, listen! I got an idea.

Listen, Mumma, I know what we can do.
Can we give Gotcha a car wash?



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Tia.
A thousand thanks for lifting my spirits!Your blog is so professional and just so fantastic.

MOM2_4 said...

Hehehehe... giggle, giggle... OH, I like Little Fishes thought process ;o)

Doorless said...

That is such a trusting cat. I bet he did get a car wash. LF is awesome and your grass looks great!

HennHouse said...


So, did Gotcha get a car wash?!

kitchu said...

ha! i imagine Gotcha would have sprinted off at lightning speed once that water came within an inch.

And can i come lay on your grass??? looks so darn soft, and it beats the weeds in my yard.

kitchu said...

uhm... okay, let me try this again. my comment didn't show up (and now i'm realizing it hasn't in some other posts)...

i was just saying that Gotcha no doubt took off at lightning speed once that water came close (if it ever did)!

also, i want to come and lounge on your beautiful lawn. i have nothing but weeds!


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