Friday, 14 May 2010

Notes to self

Movicol explosion (hers), summer school uniform dress (also hers), and long and loose hair (mine), do not make for a good combination.

It is always worth checking the hose end of the siphon is firmly in the bucket before pumping water from the fish tank.

Never assume you'll find time to do the washing up later.

Hell hath no fury like a small Mog being inducted into a CPAP mask. Turns out, last night was a good night. I had no idea she had this much voluntary movement - not only did she manage to kick the machine off the bed twice, she simultaneously managed to use both her arms to bat my hands away from the straps whilst wriggling her head to remove the bonnet. After wrestling her into it, and staying with her long enough to calm her down and reassure her she really could still breathe, I walked out of the room to deal with the fish tank. And came back to find her sleeping beautifully - having somehow wiggled the mask off her face entirely. Not bad for a child who can't usually move anything much apart from her feet.

Always believe the small child who shouts "I not finished yet!" even if she's been on the commode for over an hour.



MOM2_4 said...

Than good of a day, huh 8-P I promise, that as far as I know, Joshua has not been giving MOG CPAP mask removal tips!!

Hugs & Praying you have a better night tonight.

Alesha said...

Go, Little Fish, Go!!!

(I know she probably doesn't need encouragement, but I just felt the need to cheer her on!)


I still have yet to properly blog about Isaac's blowout...I think maybe it's only appropriate reading for our cp-sk group!!! LOL! just TOO much information!

Praying you have a peaceful weekend,


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