Saturday 8 May 2010

What's wrong with this picture?

Welcome to our "disabled chalet".

Nice hotel, rubbish access. About to bump ourselves out of our room and across the courtyard, hoping there will be someone to help us with the two steps up to the dining room. Still, comfy bed and fair trade tea so not all bad.

I had a packing list recycled from our last trip. It is not quite specific enough. I wonder if there's a nightie and smart shoes shop nearby? Oops.



R said...

Ack! I'd be wanting my money back if faced with that.

Where are you, Tia? More than happy to stick a few things in the post if that's any help.

Tia said...

We're in Lincolnshire but only until tomorrow - thanks for the offer though!

Doorless said...

The door also looks a bit narrow. I am always amazed at what people think is assessable.
Here they opened a new playground that they claim is handicapped assessable and it does have a challenger baseball field. The baseball field is a good first step and commendable but I went over to the playground and there was one playground toy that is assessable if your child can stand and walk. You could roll a w/c up on it but then there is nothing to do but to back the w/c back down as you can't even turn it around!
I guess we all need to educate them more.
Enjoy and hope you find the things you need!


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