Saturday 22 May 2010

A terribly boring post today.

Today we woke up at 6.30. We got up. We got dressed. We ate breakfast. Not necessarily in that order. And then somehow it was 11.30, and we left the house.

We went to the pet shop. They didn't want our baby fish - not even for free. They did sell us some ammonia remover, water conditioner, and bacteria booster for the tank, and allowed us to exchange a faulty gravel washer/siphon. Woohoo.

We went to the flower shop. We bought lots of pretty bedding plants and a ridiculously heavy bag of compost, which is now firmly ensconced on my passenger seat and looks set to stay.

We went to an Argos shop and bought a new clothes horse.

We recycled about a quarter of our outstanding cardboard. No one shouted at me for bringing too much of it, or not folding it properly, and no one leapt out with a clipboard to inform me that my van is too big and I need to get a commercial license for it. Progress.

We went to a sandwich shop, and Little Fish surprised me by choosing chicken over ham. And then surprised me again by eating the crusts. And not wanting the chocolate biscuit. Healthy eating at its finest.

We drove home, unloaded the car, and Little fish got her knickers in a twist about hearing a lawn mower and then a motorbike outside, and then retwisted them inside when she saw an ant followed by a fly and then a spider. This could be a long summer. I gather being shunted for hydrocephalus can actually make loud engine noises painful, something I didn't know until fairly recently, so I should probably start being more sympathetic about that. But I'm not sure how we're going to manage life generally if she goes into meltdown over every little insect and arachnid she sees from now on.

We watered the grass, and Little Fish tried to squirt our neighbours. Our neighbours don't want baby Mollies either. Not even as food for their loaches. Mog opted out today and lounged around except when forced into her chair for our shopping expedition.

We came back inside, and I attempted to sit down for a few minutes with a book but Little Fish decided that whilst she couldn't make me put the book down, she could in fact destroy the house and get my attention that way.

We cooked potatoes for tea, hung out washing, hung out more washing, fed the cats, fed the cats again, refilled their water bowl as Little Fish had sent it flying, and realised we forgot to buy dried food at the pet shop.

We ate tea, the girls shared a shower, and then Mog stretched out on the bench whilst Little Fish sat on the potty. They listened to the iPod together and I sat in the sitting room catching up on emails.

The girls went to bed. I closed the back doors, stroked the cats, briefly considered tidying up before heading back to the computer. And now it's three hours later, I'm sorting out some printing stuff and waiting for Mog's feed to finally beep. And getting annoyed with the waiting, as it's been running since 7 this morning. So much for a reliable rate of delivery - I put 1400mls in this morning and it claims to have delivered 1763 so far and still is not quite finished.

CPAP seems to be working better tonight which is good. Mog's mask is rubbing on one side of her face. Little Fish's mask rubs on the other side. Two different dressings to try.

I was waiting for the feed to finish before jumping into the bath, but think it's too late to do that now. So I shall fiddle around a little more with layouts and designs. And then jump into bed without that squeaky clean feel.

I told you it was boring!


sarah bess said...

not at all! i laughed at "knickers in a twist." your gift is actually turning the mundane and routine into hilarity.

MOM2_4 said...

Fish idea... Mogs birthday is coming up, right? You could give fish as party favors. Just don't tell anyone or they might not want to come to the party ;o)

Doorless said...

Mom2-4 good idea about the fish!
Sounds like a perfect day to me. I think LF used to be scared of cats. So mybe she will get used to bugs! or it could be a very lOOOOng summer!

Tia said...

Oo I love that plan!

Of course, we're planning on taking Mog to France for the day rather than having a party, but I gather Mollies like brackish water, do you think they'd enjoy the channel?

kitchu said...

ditto sarah. even on your "boring" day i really enjoy reading you!


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