Saturday, 29 May 2010

Spots and blots

Here are the splots
And this is the blot
Last time this happened, we assumed she'd burnt her foot on a red hot footplate on a blisteringly (literally!) hot summers' day. That's definitely not what happened this time. It wasn't there in the morning, we put her (very close fitting and never marked before) socks and splints on in the morning, and her foot was fine. Took them off in the afternoon and her foot was still fine; ten minutes later her heel looked like this.

Any ideas?



Rachel said...

could it be an allergic reaction causing the skin to blister?

Doorless said...

Looks like a water blister. Do not pop it as it will leave the area open to infection and poping it exposes it to air which would be painful. But then LF would not be able to feel it.
I've seen them happen for no apparent reason. But it does look like an area the spling would likely rub.

Claire said...

Tiny wee piece of grit rubbing all day? Splint compressed the area and stopped the fluid filling the rubbed skin until after wards?

I've had blisters before that haven't come up until my shoes had been off for a while.

Compead plasters are ace for blisters!

Pink (AKA Lucia) said...

Could this be a rug burn or something like that, where she could have accidentally roughly rubbed her heel on something and then it showed up like that? I don't know....just an idea...

WildKat said...

This has happened to me a couple of times back when I wore AFO's. It happened because although they were snug and there were no wrinkles my heel did move slightly causing a blister to form. It didn't have room to form until the AFO came off. The problem was solved by gluing a thin layer of soft foam into the area so my heel couldn't move at all.


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