Saturday 15 May 2010


Sometimes, just sometimes, we can forget all the medical bits and pieces, put the disability stuff aside, and just do the same sorts of things that every other family does on a Sunny Saturday afternoon.Of course, when we do it, other families decide we need far more space than we actually do, and migrate their children to the other end of the playground. Which means no queueing for equipment holding heavy children. Bonus!

And then we chase the other children into the bit of the playground with the swings, and the children are too busy swinging to be shepherded away, and they turn out to be at least 50% children we know anyway, and so I get to stand and push LF on a sling, and she gets to whitter away at chat to the father pushing a little girl next to us, and I can tune out. Double bonus!

Of course, then we get stuck in the swing - she's really too big for the baby swings now and it's hard pulling her out when her AFOs stop her feet from bending, and she can't use the bigger swings because they're made out of lorry tyres, and lorry tyres apparently have latex in them - and then we try the park's newest attraction, a strange kind of plastic hoop like a roundabout set at an angle, and I sit beside her, and we both fall off going downhill, me underneath. But we brush the bark off (mostly), and head to the shop for an icecream, picking extra bits of bark out of my hair as we go, and I think it's not such a bad life really.

Oh, and for those more interested in the medical bits, once Mog succumbed to sleep last night she slept all night, the mask stayed in place all night, and I had an unnervingly peaceful night. Turns out, the CPAP is quieter than Mog's usual snoring. Who knew?



Yvonne said...

I'm so pleased Mog had a good night with CPAP. Hope you get used to sleeping again!

pippinsmum said...

Wow, you must feel like a new woman! All that uninterrupted sleep


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