Friday 21 May 2010


Without CPAP
She is fitting less, sleeping less during the day, and waking up giggling in the mornings.

She's also still very very stiff, having a lot of pain and spasm, having days (like today) when she cannot bend enough to get into her wheelchair for anything longer than a quick dash to get her sister to school. It's not a miracle cure. But, she's tolerating it well, and it seems to be doing nice things for her.

Or rather, it did, for the first four nights. And since then she seems to have worked out how to continue to obstruct even with air being pushed down her throat to keep her airway open. Which isn't quite so good. But, we're down to just one bigger obstruction (where she drops low enough for the monitor to alarm) each night, which is much better than six plus. I'd like to get back to the figures in that second picture. Meanwhile, I'm feeling all energised and bouncy from actually getting a reasonable amount of sleep most nights. I even cleared off the sitting room windowsill this morning - it must be Spring.



Doorless said...

Awesome readings. Praying for more good nights than bad.

kitchu said...

you have such spirit and optimism. i love that about you. taking everything in stride, not seeming to be overwhelmed. i really admire you. and mog. what a trooper.


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