Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Good News, Bad News...

The good news is, Mog's CT scan was today.
The bad news is, the hospital forgot to tell us.

More bad news; the van failed its MOT yesterday.
More good news; only on brake pads and the garage will fix them tomorrow.

Little Fish is having driving lessons this week. There's a worrying concept. Whizz Kidz are running a three day course for wheelchair users, and she's getting to join in. Getting there with her various chairs and Mog is interesting without our van.

We called a taxi this morning; just as it arrived the phone rang. A neurologist wishing to discuss sedation for the CT scan we didn't know Mog was having. Frustrating. But, more good news, they can rearrange it for next week, and have found a day when our only other appointment is at 9.20. So now all I need to do is find a way of keeping Little Fish entertained whilst we photograph the inside of Mog's head.

One hugely tiring day. Lots of concentrating for Little Fish, lots of waiting around and cheering loudly for Mog and myself. New friends, always nice. And old acquaintances; bittersweet as I had to break the news of Goldie's death to one of her old classmates.Huge giggles for Mog who chose the most inappropriate time possible to create a noxious code brown cloud; not the time to discover I'd forgotten the wet wipes. And who on earth puts just one changing bench into a building designed for people with physical disabilities, and who then puts that changing bench into a giant room without a loo or sink?

Home via taxi again, making the decision to leave Little Fish's powerchair there overnight. Rethinking that decision when the taxi was forty minutes late; my arms may never recover from the wait.

One small child very tired, one medium child equally tired; two girls into bed and then a builder here to come and look at finishing the many many jobs our other various builders have not completed.

A Little Fish-ism - "Mummy, I wear my shrink wrap tonight?" Shrink wrap? Shrink wrap? Ah yes; chin strap!



Tina said...

hugs for all the frustrations, pleased some things are easily sorted and Praying for useful information from the scan.
Hope your arms are not under too much stress getting back tomorrow.
see you SOOOOON

Jules said...

LOL@ 'shrink rap'!!!!

Sounds a fun day for LF...:)

HennHouse said...

Wow. What a crazy busy day!!

I've made those same choices sometimes... leave the chair and hold the child. Always regret it! Not the snuggles with my sweet girl, but the pain in my back... especially if I wear heels!

Doorless said...

What an interesting and trying day. Praying things are better for tomorrow and the van comes back too.

Riven said...

goodness. I thought I was doing well with jut the one wheelchaired child and no car.

sarah bess said...

"Code brown"--ah ha ha!!


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