Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Puncho, Mamma!

"Hey! Grass!"You leave a soil bed when you go to school in the morning, and when you get back in the afternoon someone has laid a green carpet. No warning, not fair!

She wouldn't repeat her hands on hips utter outrage pose for the camera, but she stayed fairly bemused all afternoon. "Oo, you've planted a tree," said our carer - who was a little embarrassed when she realised that bit had been there since January and only the grass was new.

"Puncho, Mamma!" called Little Fish as we walked into the house, "Puncho, Mog! Mumma, Mamma, say Puncho me!"


Tick, tick, what might she have been learning today.

Ah - "Bonjour, Little Fish!"
"Puncho, Mamma!"

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Doorless said...

I see you have been very busy! I have been off line due to a computer problem nicely resolved by the Geek Squad for a tidy sum of money.
Glad there were no changes on the CT scan. What a trickster to sleep well during the sleep study!


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