Wednesday, 5 May 2010


If I had a shopIt would look
Just like thisBut I'd keep the doors closed and not want to let the customers in.



pippinsmum said...

Just like an Aladdin's cave! You don't see many shops like that these days, but I don't sew much as my shape has changed. God willing we will be grandparents in a few months. so maybe some dungarees?.....

AlisonM said...

If I had a shop, it would have lots and lots of cakes in....and just like you I wouldnt let anyone in!!

mq, cb said...

My grandmother had a market stall selling fabric that was just like that.

When she died, 10 years after she had closed the stall, she still had an entire shed (which was painted lavender - just because it was a shed didn't mean that it couldn't be pretty) full of fabric and a whole wardrobe jampacked with buttons, including some rubber ones on their original card. (Rubber ones don't get crushed by the mangle, you see).

You would have been in seventh heaven.


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