Monday, 10 May 2010

That was the weekend that was

The cake
The guests
The Birthday Girl receiving her Birthday Bumps
The cakes we stored in our hotel room overnight - too tempting by farAnd the table decorations reflecting the beauty of the day.
Happy Birthday, Rosie!
Happy Baptism, Christina!
Happy Anniversary, Tina and David!
A happy extended family and happy guests from all over the country (and one flying in from Berlin, thus neatly trumping friends and family trekking cross country from Cornwall and Newcastle).

A busy week beforehand for the Birthday Family, and a busy week ahead with the first appointment just a couple of hours away now. But all that paused for a couple of days, and whilst it cannot possibly have been in any way shape or form restful (except potentially for the smallest sister, who slept beautifully under a table in the food room), I am sure they feel the effort was worthwhile, to gather so many people who love them, to celebrate something really positive.



Michelle said...

On this side of the water we have birthday "spankings" (one for each year) which aren't hard, just in fun. Is that what birthday bumps are?


Tia said...

Bumps involve taking the Birthday victim - one person holding their arms and the other their ankles, and lifting them up high then down low, once for each year of age. It's more of a school playground kind of thing than a family activity really!


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