Sunday 13 June 2010

And Little Fish Said...

"Hey, Move over, you're in my Learning Space!" as I sat down next to her on a friend's settee.
And then
"There did be a McDonald's on the A34, Mumma, we could go there on our way home. Or maybe on the A40." Who appointed you chief navigator and menu-master?
"But we must go home now now now because my cats are missing me." And "I wanno go hoooome!" and "Take me home, please, I need to be at home." And "I am a very tired girl now and I need to go home to my bed."
And, all the way home,
"Oh! Why we goin' 'home, Mumma, I wanna stay."

And I said


kitchu said...

oh this has left me laughing so hard i can barely breathe. kids! they make our life richer, even if we leave this earth with no hair because of them!

Ellen Seidman said...

Hey, Tia. I somehow found you tonight, and I've been reading your posts. Love your style of writing, your spirit, your inspiration. This post made me smile.


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