Tuesday 29 June 2010


June is jasmine and raspberries, jostling for space on the trellis.
June is honeysuckle sunsets, the air rich and delicious.
June is the very best of Birthday months; strawberries and cream teas, sweet sunny weekends and the promise of summer.
June is for rolling and stretching and relaxing in the warmth of the evening sun.
June is for thistles underfoot, and for sneezes and snails and slugs.
June is sweet peas jumping their boundaries and spreading across the decking.And for flowers gone wild, a riot of colour, weeds and planteds indistinguishable.
And June is the first of the windfalls, hard and wooden, nature's marbles, made for stalking and chasing and tossing and rejecting.
June is heat, and warm rain, the combined promise and threat of summer. June is planning for the holidays and collecting the first of the fruits, mowing the lawn and playing with water.

June is going to school without jumpers, and losing sunhats, and the sticky artificial scent of suncream. June is Sports Days and FĂȘtes and boats on the river.

June is Midsummer, and the beginnings of summer, and the beginning of the end of the school year. June is June.


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