Saturday 26 June 2010

Mog's Day

The good thing about a Saturday morning EEG is that you get to stay up late on Friday night.
The bad thing about a Saturday morning EEG is that you have to get up early on a Saturday morning.

The good thing is there's plenty of parking in the hospital, and a Grannie available to look after your sister.
The bad thing is there's no one in reception and the neuroscience wing is eerily deserted.

The good thing is that the melatonin you get for sedation seems to take the edge off everything and make you very happy and relaxed.
The bad thing is that happy and relaxed does not equate to many seizures.

The good thing is that you have so many seizures anyway they do catch a few absences on the recording and can stop the recording early.
The bad thing is that you will then fit for most of the rest of the day as a delayed reaction to all the strobe lights.

The good thing is that, having slept and fitted most of the day, you get to stay up late in the evening.
The bad thing is, this leaves you and Mum with a spot of jetlag without the joy of travelling far enough to justify it.

The good thing is, the Saturday morning slot means you will have had the EEG before the neurology appointment you have on Wednesday. As requested by the neuro.
The bad thing is, the doctor who reads the EEGs is on leave this week, so although the letter of the request has been met, the report will not be ready and waiting.

Overall good or bad? Find out on Wednesday I suppose.

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Doorless said...

The Princess had an EEG last week and they only caught one brief myocolonic seizure during the reading during the strobes but could not get it to repeat. So they do not think the strobes had anything to do with the seizure which I know better because we cannot turn on a light in a semi dark room without a seizure.
However the entire period of the EEG the brain waves were grossly abnormal! With diag of LGS. Not good!


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