Tuesday 1 June 2010

Top Tips

When dropping two girls at a playscheme and then immediately driving off to meet a friend, it is best to avoid forgetting to hand over medical supplies such as catheters.

It is also a good plan, when arranging a rendezvous, not to choose a place with no mobile phone signal.

Whilst preparing children for interesting activities is probably a good thing, it is always wise to check the planned treat is actually going ahead before telling them about it. Flat batteries on school buses will prevent outings.

A day out involving activites which cannot be undertaken with children in tow is likely to involve a lot of climbing stairs. Especially when the plan is "let's eat upstairs in an inaccessible cafe." Living in a flat and being used to taking lifts whilst pushing wheelchairs may mean you have not climbed any flights of stairs for a very long time. Steep staircases are not the place to discover vertigo.

Food, and friendship and one of my favourite places (which is, technically, accessible, but still not the most practical places to visit with a small child in a power chair. Or any small child really). Good times.

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