Tuesday 22 June 2010

Grolly Aint Got No Tail At All.

From thisTo this
And now

And two days for this to begin to heal, or it'll mean total amputation.

She has however wee'd all over my clean and matched socks so her bladder function is fine. And has poo'd on the vet's table, so looks like that's working fine too. Now just to get her better and persuade her her dignity is intact.



Order and Chaos said...

Oh get better soon Grolly. Droosie (my cat) send positive feline thoughts.

Doorless said...

Poor Grolly. Glad to hear her other bodily functions are fine. Praying she heals fine.

kitchu said...

oh my gosh poor Grolly. hope everything heals as it should.

Jules said...

Poor poor boy:(
Sending huge furry vibes that his tail stump heals soon!!!!!!xx


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