Sunday 6 June 2010

Lessons I didn't need to learn today

Four minutes into a tonic clonic seizure is not the time to discover the rescue meds have been left in playscheme. Sometimes being disorganised pays off however; having misplaced them once before I had an emergency back up bottle tucked into another bag somewhere in the corner of one of the rooms - and I found it before the five minutes was up. How so fast? Because I'd seen it there this morning when hunting for something else I'd also misplaced. Twelve minutes in total; a new record for Mog.

When mixing tube feeds and feeding cats, the correct order does not involve tucking the full feed jug under one arm and then bending over to drop cat food into bowls.

Just because a child is smart enough to figure out that "Meat Wedges" are burgers sliced into pieces, it does not necessarily follow they are sensible enough to be left within reach of a bowl full of dirty crockery.

A sign glued to Mog's footplates reading "Please leave my feet alone!" will do more harm than good, as people grab Mog's legs and move them to read the sign.

School tomorrow, and I say Bring It On!


Doorless said...

You are so real! I have done all of the above. So frustrating!
Glad to see life is normal there. Hope Mog will be better now and LF gets to eating better.

sarah bess said...

What do you give her, Tia, for TC seizures?

Tia said...

At the moment we use Buccal Midazolam, which we squirt into the side of her mouth and is then absorbed through the cheek. It's supposed to be faster than Rectal Diazepam, but it's less effective if it ends up being swallowed by mistake.

Anonymous said...

I love reading about your daily dramas better than any soap. This is meant with so much affection xxx


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