Monday, 28 June 2010

Today, I could post about the cats. About how Grolly is getting her confidence back, about how the lizardlike texture of her stump is now turning into lizard with three day stubble, about how she's starting to want to be out and about again, and about how much I miss her beautiful tail even if she doesn't appear to.

I could talk about how Gotcha won't let me near him in case I tackle his tangles again, and how Goway thinks it's too hot to do anything but lie, spread-eagled, across our front ramp. And I could talk about trying to feed one cat food dosed with painkillers whilst trying to keep the other two from the same bowl. But it feels a bit boring really, so I shan't do that.

I could talk about how the heat of the weekend seems to have built up and sent Mog fit fit fitting from four o'clock this morning, leaving her breathless and tired for the rest of the day. But it's depressing and we are seeing the neuro on Wednesday so I'll save seizure stuff for then.

I could write about how Little Fish came home with a little label reminding me of my failure to find her sunhat. And about how it's been too hot for her to wear her brace, but how she's now complaining of back-ache when she isn't wearing it. And how she's somehow ripped it into two pieces so even if it were cooler she still wouldn't be able to wear it. But it's tedious, so I'll skip it.

I could wax long and lyrical about how the gardener has cleverly strimmed all the bark off our tree so it is dying in the summer sun. And how he has pulled up my bedding plants considering them weeds, but left the thistles and grass in one bed because he thought I'd enjoy doing it myself. But it's frustrating; almost as frustrating as having replaced Bob with a new builder, who has now almost immediately gone on holiday.

I could post about the joy of having 25 Guides and 200 water bombs. But I think you had to be there. And I could post about the rain which is falling gently against my open windows, large drops of sweet, smellable rain, bringing the temperature down and refreshing the grass and the lavendar outside the window, carrying the honeysuckle and lilac in wafts through the house, and leaving brilliant droplets on my raspberry canes, which each day ripen just enough raspberries to sweeten one bowl of cereal. But I think I might just go and open my bedroom window, and fall asleep just breathing in the rain.



Swift said...

Send the rain this way after you've finished?

Sorry so much is happening at once.

Doorless said...

I love the smell of rain! This is the first day in a week we have not needed the central air on! Plus we have had thunder storms every night all night. It is not supposed to rain tonight.
You paint beautiful word pictures. It has been so wet our honeysuckle looks poorly!
Hoping Mog gets relief from her seizures. The Banzel was the best med we added and is enabling us to take the Princess off of the Lamictal slowly.

Alesha said...

sweet dreams, Tia.

Anonymous said...

So much going on and yet you manage to conjure up such a beautiful description of the summer rain that makes me homesick for England.

Wishing you and the girls relief from backpain, seizures, heat and lack of sleep.



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