Wednesday 16 June 2010

Pruning the cat

As Grolly slept and Goway napped,
We got Gotcha, and he was pruned.
But how can this much hair be removed from this beastie
Without anyone really noticing the difference?

And, how can he take up as much space as my five year old daughter?Mad.

Also mad (I hope) was the receptionist, who asked me as I waited whether my children were still at school. I'm 36. Do I really look old enough to have adult children? Hmm. On second thoughts, don't answer that.


Jules said...

LOLOLOL at Gotcha! I'm impressed you did that solo! Morph needs two adults and thick leather gloves as he is NOT a good boy about being de-matted! I swear we could stuff pillows with the fur we take away!

Hate to point it out but at 36 you could easily have a 16 yr old... and legally even a 20 yr old...

(I'll run and hide now....:))xxx

PMDPeter said...

Not a day over 25 in my opinion

Anonymous said...

That cat is as ahiry as Alicia's cat! LOL There ought to be something to do with all that fur that would be useful!
Hope Mog is doing well.

Tia said...

Not alone - I took him to the vet! But he is a sweetie about it; lies down and purrs as the vet prunes and clips and pulls giant clumps out with a needle toothed comb.

I'm considering saving the hair next time and oh I don't know, spinning it then knitting a cat scarf with it or something? It's very very soft (and sneezy).

I could have a 20 year old - hey, if things had been different I would still have a 21 year old - but I like to think the first thing you think about when you see me is not "hey, bet her children are fully grown now"!


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