Friday 26 March 2010

Dear Me,

Wake up, sit up, don glasses, place feet on the floor, stand up, then walk out of the bedroom. Incorrect order will result in tangled bedsheets and misplaced glasses, and will not achieve leaving the room.

When dressing, it is wise to put underwear on before the outerwear. You are not Superman.

The monitor won't stop beeping if you only dream you've repositioned Mog.

If you can't remember the name of your friend's son, you probably shouldn't get in a car and drive to meet them. You do not get bonus points for working out the boy cannot be called Josephine.



Anonymous said...

methinks you need someone to do a couple of nights of monitor monitoring for you (well, Imi) on a regular basis so you can sleep for more than an hour at a time... hope that's on the cards?
K x

Tia said...

I wish...Just had our annual ration of respite, nothing more til May.

Sara x said...

I know that feeling, i went upstairs twice today before i said to Alan i cant see right today, at this point he reminding me that i had gone upstairs for my glasses as i hadnt put my contacts in. Sleep sorely needed. maverick please breathe tonight choking is so overrated.


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