Wednesday 3 March 2010

Importancies updated

No answer from the neuro, and one increasingly tired Mog. So we went for the GP option instead. GP diagnosed chest infection, based on low sats (88ish), rapid breathing, and general "there must be something wrong-ness". Phoned the hospital, hospital said to bring her in for assessment but that there were no beds so she couldn't be admitted. And would have to go to the satellite hospital 40 miles away if admission needed.

We zipped home for meds and pyjamas, called the prayer warriors into action, and drove to hospital. Green lights all the way, halving the journey time.

Parked the bus, unloaded, walked through the hospital to A&E with Mog snurfling mightily as we went. Arrived in paeds A&E, the doctor sent us back out to the main A&E to register. Not used to that; we normally come in by ambulance. So, out of paeds, back to the main one, join the queue. The queue melts away at the sound of Mog, and a green-clad doctor grabs Mog and whisks her back through to paeds leaving me with a pile of forms and a bemused Little Fish. I follow Mog to find her already hooked up on O2 and the doctor who sent us back to fill out the forms hoding somewhat sheepishly under a counter.

Different doctor, different diagnosis; this time the theory is viral croup. Dexawotisit failed to help, so he decided saline drops up her nose every 15 minutes ought to do the trick. It didn't.

He decided to admit her to Banbury, I had a bit of a meltdown, he aid all the staff would do their best, I asked how it was in her best interests to send her 40 miles away without me, he failed to understand why putting her in an ambulance with a nurse who had met her for the first time 1 hour ago and been very busy elsewhere ever since, and entrusting that nurse with the job of handing over to a brand new hospital staff who had never met her either, might be a problem. He kept trying to reassure me that she wasn't "that" ill right now. The nurse, thankfully, understood my concern was less about how ill she was right now and more about her baseline medical condition. And will forever be my favourite nurse, because she managed somehow to persuade a full hospital to find a spare bed. Not the medical ward, but the same ward we ended up in last time when the hospital was full*. Staff somewhat miffed to be taking a new non-gastro patient in the middle of the night, but cue one very very relieved me.

Big points to Little Fish who was outstandingly excellent all evening despite being absolutely exhausted. She waited with the porter during X rays, she didn't fuss when Mog needed my lap, she pleaded for bed a few times but mostly chatted quietly and tried to soothe Mog who was not appreciating all her attention.

And now I'm off to catch what sleep I can and try to work out what I need to do tomorrow in order to get up to the hospital as early as possible. Grandad has agreed to walk Little Fish to school so hopefully I'll beat the doctors to the ward. We will however miss the dentist again - poor Mog's been waiting nearly a year now to get her teeth de-scaled.

Still no idea what this really is, but the oxygen's helping, and that has to be good. Prayers appreciated for a safe night for Mog - I HATE leaving her in hospital although I'm much happier about the hospital which actually has her medical teams in it than the one which has in the past refused to admit her as she's generally too unstable for their peace of mind.

Night all,

*query - if the hospital is forever full and having to divert patients, would it not make sense to increase the capacity of the hospital?


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Yvonne said...

Glad they found a bed for her. Hope she starts to recover quickly. Love to you all. Xxx

Doorless said...

Glad they found a bed. Praying she is better soon!


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