Tuesday 9 March 2010


12 times in 20 minutes is how often I had to call "Girls!" to get them to listen at Guides last night - bring back our signing friend please!

1 girl with 2 friends is how many girls locked themselves in the toilet last night because when you're that upset, the loo's the only place to go.

17 kisses and cuddles is what Little Fish asked for before going to bed; a request I was happy to fulfil.

60 degrees C is what I accidentally washed my clothes at last night; it's got the wheelchair cover clean but I'm not convinced the T-shirts appreciated it.

13 minutes is how long it took me to relight the boiler last night, and 25 degrees is the temperature I accidentally left the thermostat on whilst trying to get it to fire up. Break out the shorts this morning!

1 hour to go until Little Fish's first ever school assembly - she has a sentence "All our Mummies are very special". We've been practicing. So far, this consists of me prompting with "all our?", and her burying her head in her lap and asking for ham sandwiches. Fun times ahead.

45 minutes is how long we had to wait after our hospital appointment yesterday, for th lorry which had parked in front of our van to lift a set of portaloos over the top of it. I didn't feel inclined to argue.

And, by a curious coincidence, 45% is where Mog's SATs were at 1 this morning.


1 comment:

Doorless said...

So many frustrations.
I had a love hate relationship with the sat monitor when Alicia was poorly.
Could they do CPAP on Mog? Wouldn't that help keep her airway open.
Have fun at the assembly!


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