Tuesday 30 March 2010

Farmer Gow's

Mog's class had a field trip today. To actual fields; Farmer Gow's fields in fact. Just the right size for the class; hay bales to climb on for those in the mood, toy tractors for those who weren't, a big covered barn full of toys and books, and a nice cafe (selling Goat Burgers) for those of us with more fragile children who couldn't possibly have coped splashing around in the muddy puddles all day.

Oh, and animals of course.

Two week old chicks.Mog wasn't sure at first.

But then
she thought they might be alright after all!

Hungry baby goats
And a very cuddly lamb
Some ridiculously loud sheep and pigs and some very smelly ferrets. Eggs to gather for the busier children, and more coffee and cakes in the cafe for we quieter ones.

A good trip. Would have been perfect if only I'd remembered to switch Mog's feed back on again once she was back in her wheelchair instead of leaving it until 6PM. But that's ok, because I didn't really need sleep anyway.


pippinsmum said...

Lovely pics, looks like she enjoyed it.

MOM2_4 said...

That looks like so much fun!!

Yvonne said...

Lovely Easter pics.


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