Tuesday 16 March 2010


Mmmm hospital breakfasts. Although this coffee cup was somewhat disconcerting.
It claims to be made from at least 10% "post consumer fibre." Maybe it's just living with constant code browns, but I don't want to be that close to any kind of fibre claiming to be "post consumer." The coffee inside was alright though.

Lots going on at the moment; Mog's monitor demonstrating just how rubbish her sleep really is, Little Fish demonstrating the same thing warranting unpleasant nights for her for the future, and both girls' sleep needs meaning my own sleep not happening very much.

Tonight Little Fish is at the hospice and Mog and I are at home. This is the first time I've ever left Little Fish at the hospice without me; I would not have chosen to leave her there without Mog as a familiar face. But we'll be back before she's dressed in the morning, and sometimes these things are unavoidable.

Meanwhile not only is she facing a night at the hospice without us, I am facing a night at home without her for the very first time. We've been apart before, but never when I've been at home and she hasn't. Odd.


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kitchu said...

i wonder how this night went. i can't imagine. it must have been especially tough for you.


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