Wednesday 3 March 2010

The Importancy Room

Mog's not quite right at the moment. Not desperately ill, not got a chest infection, just drowning, demonstrating her incredibly irritating stridor, and obstructing merrily if she falls into any less than perfect position. She's tired - it's hard work breathing underwater - and I'm tired - it's hard work trying to keep her in a position where she isn't breathing underwater.

She's certainly not ill enough to need a 999 call. She's not ill enough to be admitted to hospital. But she isn't well either. It's not a GP type of problem, and in any case our GP has no appointments for today. It's not an emergency issue, no point going to A&E.

So I am proposing an Importancy Room. NHS policy makers please note. This would be a place you could go with issues which really aren't necessarily immediately life or death or broken bones, but which can't wait six weeks to be seen in the next available clinic.

Meanwhile, in the absence of an Importancy Room, anyone got any suggestions? There's a call in to her neurologist, we've already spoken to her paediatrician. When she isn't drowning she's quite happy, when she is, we're all somewhat miserable.



Yvonne said...

Poor Mog. You must all be tired out. I've no idea on the advice front, you know best there, but I do hope she us feeling better soon. Xxx

kitchu said...

wow you have a lot on your plate right now, and so does little Mog. i wish i had any advice, but we're countries away. what's the soonest she can get in to see her ped? seems a good idea at least.

sure hope she's better soon.

Swift said...

Poor Mog,and poor you :( - she looks in desperate need of sleep, and I'm sure it's just as wearing for you.

Only people I can think of you haven't mentioned are school therapists? (although it depends if they exist and why the drowning :/ )

Hope it sorts out for Mog soon.

Swift said...

Forgot to say, I think 'importancy rooms' are a great idea; pity with the way the NHS is now you need to be pretty much undergoing major treatment to get this sort of access...


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