Monday, 31 May 2010

We wants your moneys please

A nicely peaceful uneventful day. We tried tipping Mog right back in her chair this morning and she seemed to cope with the transition from her bed much better - perhaps moving to upright is contributing to her discomfort. Started to make macaroni cheese for lunch, and then realised we had no cheese. Or butter, or eggs, or flour. So took a quick trip to Budgens and then bad a slightly later lunch than planned.

Our cleaner came after lunch, and Little Fish decided to be her little helper. So as Mog and I relaxed in peace, LF and Alice polished the house for me. A damp cloth and a listening ear, and LF was enthralled. Bliss all round, except possibly for Alice.

Alice's time up, Little Fish trundles back into the sitting room. "We are all finished being the cleaners now and we wants your moneys now please" was her intriguingly phrased request. So, two paper moneys for Alice and ten copper moneys for LF, definitely moneys well spent. And then Little Fish at the door "Bye, Mumma, we are the cleaners for another house now."

I should have let her go - they would probably pay more than I do!


Signing! said...

Nice to see LF has her priorities straight!! Love the way you've trained her to clean whilst you sit back - must master that myself!

Tina said...

LF is so cute.
So glad mog was comfier.
Thanks for your support today and sorry for interupting a peacful day.

Anonymous said...


junglemama said...

How cute and what a big helper!


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