Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Amish Girl meets Doctor Who

Little Fish has a new mask for her Nippy. I think the title says it all really.
She was extremely unimpressed with it, which surprised me somewhat, considering she'd really taken to it up at the hospital. So I took it off, and went to try the second one we'd been given. Realising that I had in fact left the headgear for the second mask with our respiratory nurse, I reassembled this one. It was at this point that I realised I had in in fact left the hard plastic cover in place and was attempting to invert her nose. Oops.

She's asleep, Mog slept all last night and is full of giggles tonight; currently trying to knock her milk off her feed pump with her head. I like it when she gets into mischief; always a sign she's feeling better. And I? I am off to housegroup shortly, and hope to sleep properly tonight after having spent much of last night waiting for the girls to wake. I need an off switch I think.

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Anonymous said...

Oh the things we goof up on trying to do our best taking care of oour kids. My tip --don't try bagging O2 into the baby-without first making sure you've turned the O2 source on. NOT a good thing unless you want to see their SATS fall .
Sure hope you gey agood nights rest.


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